Make No Room for Acne with These 6 Helpful Tips

Lots of people give significance on maintaining a beautiful and glowing skin. Individuals have been more eager in searching a solution to clear away their acne breakouts and achieve a flawless skin. Then again, scars due to acne should be taken care of. In fact, eliminating them is harder than the acne itself, thus it is important to find the right products.

Proper Acne Care

Prevention is the most effective solution to keep your face free from acne scars. The temptation to pop our pustule-like zits is difficult to resist, but you should refrain from doing so. Picking will affect the healing process, and causes the scars to form. Apply an anti-acne product immediately if you found any acne formation. Bear in mind that the formation of scars is simpler to prevent if your acne is cured quickly.


This is perfect for people who have sensitive dry skin. It is non-irritating and effective in removing acne inflammation, while moisturizing your skin at the same time. Any type of honey will do, but opt for the Manuka honey if you like to get the ideal results. In order to improve the efficiency of honey in removing out scars, add a pinch of pearl powder. Clean your face first, then apply the honey on the scarred area using a q-tip.

Glycerin Face Mask

After a few weeks, your scars will disappear especially if you use the mask two times a day. The metabolism of your skin’s cell tissues will increase when you use glycerin. This help in getting rid of the scars because the damaged cells are repaired. Glycerin is also perfect for other kinds of scars caused by wounds and burns.

Vitamin A

This ingredients is in charge in increasing the skin’s natural ability to heal by itself. As this ingredient stimulates cell renewal, old skin on the scars will be eradicated. You will not observe instant results from this ingredient, however as soon as it is there, it will last long. Vitamin A takes the form of various compounds, and Retinol is considered the purest among the forms. Moreover, other forms of compounds that can provide wonderful results in treating acne scars are retinyl acetate, tretinoin, and beta carotene.

Skin Lightening Cream

Acne scars are darker because of the darkening pigments created by our skin. One of the ideal approaches to lighten the color of the acne scar is to use a skincare product that antagonizes melanin. Sinesis extract, glutathione, and vitamin c are a number of the most popular whitening ingredients. These ingredients do not just whiten your skin; they also break down the melanin buildup.


If you have deep pitted acne scars, you can eliminate it by way of dermabrasion. In dermabrasion, there is elimination of dead skin cells and impurities found on the upper layer of the skin. A device known as diamond wheel will come handy to a surgeon as he performs the procedure. Applying a scar cream for acne before undergoing such procedure is suggested in order to get the most benefits.

Photo editing applications and make up can cover up any skin blemishes including scars. This does not mean that the scars will go away though. Acne scars will disappear permanently if you are utilizing the best acne scars removal, which will also help restore your self-confidence. This will enable you to take and upload a selfie whenever you like.